Organ Donation Week

FYF’s very own Cor lays herself bare for Organ Donation Week, graphically illustrating the body’s transplantable organs in a bid to encourage people to commit to organ, tissue and limb donation.

Cor has been on the waiting list for a double hand transplant for two years but believes a lack of awareness of, and support for, organ, tissue and limb donation is impacting lives on a daily basis.

Now, to coincide with Organ Donation Week, Cor is campaigning to raise awareness of the lack of donors, and has released images of herself baring all; her body having been painted with organs and tissue that are deemed transplantable.

At present, limb donation requires specific agreement either from the donor during their lifetime or from next of kin after death. Around 6,500 people are currently awaiting an organ transplant in the UK, yet only around 5,000 people each year die in circumstances where they can donate their organs

Cor Organ Donation Campaign.jpg
Chris Draper